Create VMFS Datastore Using PowerCLI

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For upcoming testing there was a need to create 140 datastores on a cluster for testing. Who wants to do that much clicking and typing? Not me! You can use the below PowerCLI commands to get the SCSI ID’s, ¬†Create the Datastore and then Rescan all hosts in the cluster.

How do i get the CanonicalName for allocated disks?

1Get-SCSILun -VMhost -LunType Disk | Select CanonicalName,Capacity

How do I create a VMFS datastore for the CanonicalName I identified above?

1New-Datastore -VMHost Host -Name Datastore -Path CanonicalName -VMFS

How do i rescan all the hosts in the cluster to see the new datastore?

1Get-Cluster -name Cluster | Get-VMhost | Get-VMHostStorage -RescanAllHBA
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