VCP6-DCV Delta Exam (Beta) Thoughts

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Here is a bit of my experience with the VCP6-DCV Delta beta exam.

Initial Thoughts

Today I sat and took the VCP6-DCV Delta Exam beta. I have never taken a VMware beta exam so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, from what I have been told, I expected lots of questions with bad grammar and horrible spelling. However today I got something a bit different. Ill explain it best without violating any NDA.

I sat down and as usual started the exam. After the initial “Welcome to the Exam” screen which stated i would have 75 questions in 95 minutes. I was expecting some survey questions or introduction to the beta, however I was wrong you are immediately dropped into the test. About 40 minutes later I finished and felt pretty good, the bad news is I have to wait 8-10 weeks after the beta exam concludes for my results and based on my calculation I feel the beta exam will be around for at least another 4 weeks. This means i will need to wait between 12-14 weeks for my results.

Exam Content

I feel the content the exam covered was a good mixture. The last DCV exam was about 2 years prior so I felt the new exam covered a good bit of installation, administration, configuration and troubleshooting. This exam snuck up on me so I really didn’t get to complete as much studying as I wanted to, I only got up to Section 3.1. I feel if I would have gotten a chance to study the whole blueprint I would be feeling more comfortable with whatever my results may be. I will still continue to finish out my studying and guide just in case I dont get a satisfactory result. However based on the content I did study as always the blueprint lined up very well with the content on the exam.


I really wish that there was notes for each question on the exam. There were some questions that would of benefited from user feedback, I know beta exams are there to really test the end user and I feel being able to provide feedback would of generally helped the beta process.

Would I do it again?

Maybe. Like I stated above but not being able to provide feedback, I feel like I was just an experiment with VMware to see how I could score the exam. If the beta exams returned to how they once were (Invite only and feedback allowed). I would definately be interested.

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