Using Terraform to Deploy the Site Recovery Manager 8.3 Appliance

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Previously I covered how to deploy the SRM appliance using PowerCLI, but as I started to tinker with Terraform I figured why not create a new blog post to document the process. Without the latest Terraform vSphere 1.20.0 Provider, this wouldnt be possible! Lets dive in and take a look on how we can do some appliance deployments.

Using PowerCLI to Deploy the Site Recovery Manager 8.3 Appliance


Execute the Runbook

  • The script is pretty straight forward, you will need to extract the SRM 8.3 ISO to a local directory and fill in the appropriate variables on the configuration file.
1git clone #Clone the Github Repository
2cd Terraform/deploy-srm #Change to Runbook Directory
3vi modules/deploy-srm1/ #Update the configuration file to provide your vCenter Server and Appliance Settings and then Save the file
4terraform init #Initialize and install the provider if needed
5terraform plan #Validate the run book will work
6terraform apply #Deploy your VMs!

Things I learned about Terraform OVF Properties

I spent a little bit too much time figuring out how to map the OVF properties, every time I would run a deployment I would get the following error.

Usually when I am scripting an OVF deployment I will use the following PowerCLI code and navigate through each level to find the OVF Properties

1$ovffile = "path.ova"
2Get-OVFConfiguration $ovffile

But that didnt work….

Next I would review the UI Properties and try those keys.

But that didnt work….

So next I dove into the .OVF file and that is where I finally found the magic keys. When deploying an OVF/OVA through Terraform, you MUST use the ovf:key value defined. At some point I would hope it would be easier to find this information.


Im loving all the new pieces of automation that are coming out to help simplify deployments. I have alot to learn to enhance the script such as using variables, but this was a good start and gets the job done!

What would you like to see next? Leave a comment below!

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