What's New in the Pure Storage vRealize Orchestrator Plugin 3.5

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Released on July 30, 2020 the latest vRO plugin for vRealize 7.x is here!

This release is an update to bring additional workflows and consolidation of packages for vRealize Orchestrator 7.x. Previously there was a seperate FlashArray Plugin and then additional workflow packages for vVol’s as well as Pure1. With the release of the version 3.5 of the plugin all these are part of a single package.

Where Can I Get It

The Pure Storage Plugin for vRealize Orchestrator 7.x can be found on the VMware Solution Exchange


Using vRealize Orchestrator 7 with Pure Storage

The Release Notes

Release Notes for the Pure Storage FlashArray Plugin for vRealize Orchestrator 3.5

What’s New

  • Integrated Pure1 Authentication
  • Integration of vVol Workflow Package
  • Integration of Pure1 Workflow Package
  • FlashBlade Authentication
  • Volume group objects are integrated into plugin


  • Volume membership of protection group fails when a volume is in a destroyed protection group
  • Improved handling of vVol workflows
  • Pure1 registration now places array in correct Pure1 organizations
  • FlashArray connection update updates the connection into the correct Pure1 organization
  • Provisioning skips hosts in maintenance mode
  • Over 50 additional fixes and improvements in this release.

Known Limitations / Issues

  • No support for vRealize 8.x–there will be a new release shortly for this support
  • No support for FlashArray REST 2.x


  • vRealize Orchestrator 7.2+ is supported, 7.4 and later is recommended
  • FA Purity 4.10.x and later
  • FB Purity 3.0.x and later
  • vVol workflows required vCenter 6.5 and later and Purity 5.3.6 and later

VMware Compatibility Guide Listing for Pure Storage FlashArray Plugin for vRealize Orchestrator

Report an Issue or Feature Request

Something new we are doing is also adding the plugin to GitHub. If you have found an issue or would like a feature request with any of the integrations please open an issue within the plugin GitHub repository.

Wrap Up

Even though vRO 8.x is out, its great to see an update for many of our customers who still run 7.x. Its also great to see the consolidation of workflows into a single package and increasing support for more workflows without forcing the need for an upgrade.

What would you like to see next? Leave a comment below!

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