What's New in the 4.3.1 Pure Storage vSphere Client Plugin

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In May 2020 Pure Storage released the latest version of their plugin version 4.3.1! This post will explore what’s new in this release!

Version 4.3.1 is more of a bugfix release than a new feature release. Let’s look at what was fixed.

The Release Notes

4.3.1 Release Notes for the Pure Storage vSphere Client Plugin


Version 4.3.1 of the Pure Storage vSphere HTML Client Plugin supports vSphere (vCenter and ESXi) version 6.5 and later and Purity version 4.10 and later. Users can upgrade to this version of the plugin from previous release version 4.x or higher. This version is certified by VMware.

What’s New

  • For the volume group manager, you can now filter by datastore name, not just volume or volume group name.

Fixed issues

  • Errors in datastore provisioning wizard around loading FlashArray list, matching host groups, or creating the datastore, such as String index out of range:
    • This was due to introduced code for NVMe-oF based datastores that caused lookups to fail if the type was unknown. This is fixed. Any customer experiencing generic “could not lookup object errors” should upgrade to this release. Multiple pathologies relate to this issue.
  • The LUN ID was shown in the NVMe-oF datastore view, not the NVMe namespace ID. The namespace ID is now correctly shown.

Known issues

  • No RBAC support


  • The plugin is certified to run on all versions of vSphere 6.7 and vSphere 7.

You can view more detailed compatibility information on the VMware Compatibility Guide.

Updating the Pure Storage vSphere Client Plugin

If you are ready to upgrade, check out how to update the Pure Storage vSphere Plugin.

Wrap Up

Is there something you would like to see in a future release? Leave a comment below!

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