Using Terraform to Deploy the Pure1 VM Analytics Collector

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Pure1 VM Analytics is a great tool to have in your environment. You don’t need to even have a Pure Storage array, but it makes it even better! Back in 2019 the collector was converted to an OVA format and has been much simpler to deploy. You can deploy it through the UI or even Powershell. With the latest update to the Terraform vSphere provider we can now deploy OVA’s, so lets jump in to see how we can deploy the VM Analytics collector!


Preparing to Execute the Runbook

In order to depoloy the Pure1 VM Analytics collector, you must first create an authorization key.

Login to your Pure1 environment using an Administrator account and select VM Topology. Click on the Gear icon and select Create Collector.

Enter in a name for your collector.

Copy the Authorization Key to be used for the OVA deployment.

Execute the Runbook

  • The script is pretty straight forward, you will need to download the Appliance OVA to a local directory and fill in the appropriate variables on the configuration file. Terraform also supports a Remote OVF, but due to performance reasons I have find local to work better.
1git clone #Clone the Github Repository
2cd Terraform/deploy-purecollector #Change to Runbook Directory
3vi modules/deploy-purecollector/ #Update the configuration file to provide your vCenter Server and Appliance Settings and then Save the file
4terraform init #Initialize and install the provider if needed
5terraform plan #Validate the run book will work
6terraform apply #Deploy your VMs!


Options are great, want to use the UI? Check! Want to use Powershell? Check! Want to use Terraform? Check!

What would you like to see next? Leave a comment below!

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