Site Recovery Manager - Rename Datastore After Recovery

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During a failover, or whenever a datastore is re-signatured VMware will append snap-PREFIX-DataStoreName. In some cases, this will break automation, and in general you may not find your datastore! This blog will cover how to get Site Recovery Manager to rename the datastore to the original name after recovery.

Luckily, this is a quick and easy fix! When doing a failover or resignature, the datastore will not be renamed back to the original.

Looking at the Storage Provider documentation there is a advanced setting called storageProvider.fixRecoveredDatastoreNames. By default this is False, all you need to do is edit the array pair advanced settings under Storage Provider and set it to True.

Now when the recovery plan is run within SRM, the datastore will be reverted back to the original name without the SNAP prefix. For some reason by default this is set to False, setting it to True is my first go to setting out of the box!

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