Using an In-house Provider with Terraform v0.14

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Ever wanted to update a Terraform Provider and not use the hosted Registry? Here at Pure Storage we have a Terraform Provider for Cloud Block Store and I wanted to do some testing myself. I started to pull my hair out trying to get Terraform to use my locally built provider instead of the registry. Check out this blog for a few simple steps to use a local in-house provider instead of the registry!

As I tried to get this working I found a couple blogs and articles that showed how easy this was in v0.12, and that all changed in v0.13. I tried to follow some of those and still got lost. Eventually I found a Hashicorp blog that covered this, and I really wish it was in the documentation

This is the way

I eventually stumbled across this Hashicorp blog which covered some of the changes in v0.13. Turns out its fairly simple again.

To use a In-house (local) provider you just need to place it in the following path


In my case it was the folllowing directory as I am using MacOSX.


Once the directory is created place your provider in the final nested folder named terraform-provider-cbs in my case.

You will then need to add the following code to your

 1terraform {
 2  required_providers {
 3    cbs = {
 4      source  = "local/test/cbs"
 5      version = "99.0"
 6    }
 7    # add other providers here
 8  }
 9  required_version = ">= 0.13"

Once added you can run terraform init and have your In-house provider installed!


Super easy right? Well it took myself a couple hours to figure out going through countless number of blogs and documentation. Hope this has helped you!

If you have any additional questions or comments, please leave them below!

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