What's New in the 5.0.0 Pure Storage Plugin for the vSphere Client

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On July 28, 2021 Pure Storage released the latest version of their plugin version 5.0.0. Not only is this a new version, but it also runs on the new remote plugin architecture that VMware has released in vSphere 6.7U3 and vSphere 7.0+. This post will explore how to deploy and manage version 5.0.0 as well as discuss the latest features in this release! (Some are long awaited!)

Release Notes

The vSphere Client Plugin 5.0.0 runs on the latest Pure Storage VMware Appliance 3.2.0, formerly known as the Pure OVA (for VM Analytics).

What’s New in Pure Storage VMware Appliance 3.2.0

3.2.0 Release Notes for the Pure Storage VMware Appliance

The latest Pure Storage VMware Appliance 3.2.0 has the following fixes and features:

  • Add the option to configure the Pure Storage VMware Appliance as a vSphere Remote Client Plugin
  • Fixed the issue that UnicodeEncodeError was in logs when run puresw upgrade
  • Libraries update

What’s New in vSphere Client Plugin 5.0.0

5.0.0 Release Notes for the Pure Storage vSphere Client Plugin

The latest Pure Storage vSphere Client Plugin 5.0.0 has the following fixes and features:

Bug Fixes

  • Import Protection Group - Array Match not working
  • Host Summary Widget data loading prevents navigating to other vSphere Objects
  • Hosts shown as not connected incorrectly when more than one host was being connected via host group
  • Minimum Plugin Version: Remote Plugin 5.0.0
  • Installation Instructions for the vSphere Remote Plugin can be found here.
  • Minimum Purity Version: 5.3.x
  • Minimum vCenter Version: 6.7U3
  • Plugin Appliance per vSphere SSO Domain

Pending Update from VMware, The Plugin is Certified it has just not been added to the VCG

You can view more detailed compatibility information on the VMware Compatibility Guide.

Feature Spotlight

With the release of new features its always great to see them in action! Let’s dive in to the new features of the 5.0.0 Plugin!

Installation of the Remote Plugin

The new plugin is no longer installed via PowerShell or the FlashArray. Just like VM Analytics an OVA is deployed that is use for installation and updates.

You can download the Pure Storage VMware Appliance 3.2.0 here

1pureplugin register --host <IP_or_FQDN_of_vCenter> --user [email protected]

You can only register additional vCenter Servers that exist within the same SSO domain (linked mode) for additional non-linked vCenter Servers you will need to deploy an additional Pure Storage VMware Appliance

  • Check Status of the current plugin registration. One Pure VMware Appliance can be used to register multiple on-premises vCenter Servers to install the plugin.
1pureplugin status
1pureplugin unregister --host <IP_or_FQDN_of_vCenter> --user [email protected]

Role Based Access Control

A favorite feature has now returned! RBAC is now here for the vSphere Plugin. You can read more about how to use it and set/apply permissions here

In short we have now added new privledges that allow you to create a custom role. These apply to Administration, Host Management, Protection Group Management, Snapshot Management, VMFS Management and vVol Management.


This post has been an overview of all the latest features in the vSphere Client Plugin, which one is your favorite? Is there something you would like to see in a future release? Leave a comment below!

If you have any additional questions or comments, please leave them below!

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